Newbie FAQ I

Last Updated: Jun 18, 2014 08:52PM PDT

Q: How to upgrade quickl?

A: You can upgrade quickly by completing main and side quest


Q: Ways to obtain Vigo?

A: There are three ways to gain Vigor: ① The system will add 5 Vigor every half an hour automatically; ② Click “+” beside Vigor to buy it directly; ③ Completing daily quests and being active daily.


Q: How to obtain other heroes

A: Besides the default hero, you can recruit heroes by meeting corresponding requirements


Q: Ways to improve combat power?

A: There are many ways to improve combat power. For instance, enhancing equipment, upgrading stars, embedding gems, raising mounts, upgrading dragon souls and skills, and etc.


Q: How to earn Gold?

A: You can earn gold by clearing quest stages, conducting alchemy, selling items, buying gold cards and joining various events


Q: What are the functions of Diamonds, Gold, Cash Gifts and Coupons?

A:Diamonds– Used to buy payable items in the diamond shop and in some events. It is obtained by recharging.

Gold - The game currency, used to enhance equipment and upgrade stars.

Cash Gifts –Used to buy payable items in the cash gift shop and in some events. It can replace diamonds to purchase things. It is obtained by joining game events.

Coupons –Used to buy rare items in the coupon shop. It is obtained in the game.
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