Newbie FAQ III

Last Updated: Jun 18, 2014 08:53PM PDT

Q: What can Feat do?

A: Feat is mainly used to upgrade the Star Chart, upgrade artifacts, and boost hero interaction.


Q: How to acquire Feat?

A: Featis attainable in the Hero Challenge, Devil King Instance, and Medals.


Q: Where can I find the Devil King Instance and challenge?

A: Challenge the Devil King Instancewhen it is available. If you win the challenge, you will have a chance to receive the equipment forging parts, Feat, Gold, Shop items and other rich rewards.


Q: How to play Hero Challenge and what can I get from it?

A: You can receive lush rewards by fighting various bosses after the Hero Challenge is available. Each challenge
costs 30 Vigor.


Q: What can a guild do? Why players need to join a guild?

A: The guild offers a place for like-minded players to enjoy the game. If you join a guild, you can attend such team activities as the Guild Conquest to receive rewards and buy luxury items from the Guild Treasury with Points earned by the donation.


Q:I want to find my friends. How do I add my friends?

A: You can click on the Social icon in the upper right corner, click the button “Add Friend” in the lower left corner of the social interface, enter the character name of your friend in the pop-up window. Click Ok and wait for your friend’s confirmation.
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